Store Pick Up | Necromancy Cosmetica

Yey! We have another method for you to get your jewelry orders. 
Our friends of Necromancy Cosmetica are so cool that they allowed us to drop off  orders just so our clients can pick them up while at the same time hanging out at the physical store in Rio Piedras which is awesome. This is a good way to stop by and catch the cool vibe and  see the amazing collection of cruel-free lipsticks they create. You can swatch and buy some shades while you are at it. When choosing the method of shipping you can choose the option of Store Pick Up, its totally FREE.
Gloomy and striking, brooding and seething, Necromancy Cosmetica is the line of matte lipsticks that will take your makeup styling into the right dark alley. This cruelty-free and handcrafted brand is a two-person show and a labor of love. Creator Des—along with her other half Zal—brings forth inspired color choices like ghostly grey Deadly Nightshade, burnt orange Bonfire Dance, or froggy green Segunda Plaga with an eye towards the occult and the creative.