UNEVEN Jewelry operations is a small team working to create unique pieces of wearable art. This team takes great care in the creation of every piece while also working hard to provide great service to our clients. We want you, our cherished customer, to feel comfortable and confident when investing in UNEVEN Jewelry. For this matter, here are some guidelines on our policies that will help you better understand everything regarding your UNEVEN purchases. We strongly encourage our customer to read and understand this clearly before any purchase.   

Return Policy - We believe that maintaining good communication with our clients is the most important part of this process. This way we can make sure that the piece that is selected is the right one and meets all the specifications that the client is looking for. Read carefully each description provided on every item, be sure of what you want before you invest in a piece of art and if you have any questions you can contact us via email unevenjewelry@gmail.com or available social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. One of a kind pieces can not be returned or refunded. In extremely rare cases we can offer credit for the price payed. This way we save time and money to both the UNEVEN team and our clients, avoiding extra charges in shipping fees and such. If the integrity of a piece is compromised at the moment of receiving it, please contact us via email and provide photo evidence of the damage to determine how we can resolve the problem within the return policy's parameters. We as a team understand that by making every item by hand we have a margin of human error that we have to work with. This is why we give (10) day warranty for any stone fitting or welding error that you might encounter. Uneven Jewelry will not be responsible for anything regarding the integrity of the piece after this period unless its under extended. If the item falls or breaks from daily activities or things related we do not offer replacement refund or free repair. When possible we offer repair packages depending on each particular case. 

Jewelry Care - All Uneven Jewelry is carefully handcrafted and should not be worn for activities that could damage the item like getting it wet, sports, hard labor and such. Keep in mind that this are delicate wearable pieces of art and should be treated with tremendous care. 

Shipping Disclaimer - UNEVEN Jewelry provides the necessary information including tracking number and everything regarding shipping matters. After the transaction is complete and the client receives the tracking number, the client is responsible of the item until its delivery. Any situation regarding the package is not responsibility of UNEVEN Jewelry but of the corresponding postal services.